Are you planning a career playing guitar on recording sessions and live shows?

The Guitarist's Ultimate Chart Reading Book prepares you to deal with the challenges you’ll encounter as a session guitarist.

Are you ready for:
• Complex, hard-to-read rhythms or unusual time signatures?
• Hand-written music notation that doesn’t correspond to the theory books?
• Spur-of-the-moment requests from a producer to change your picking pattern, “set your phaser to stun”, or even to “make your part more chocolatey”?

The Guitarist’s Ultimate Chart Reading Book will guide you through the daunting world of music sessions! 

It provides:
• A range of preliminary exercises to help you polish up your sight-reading 
• 90+ guitar charts from ‘real-life’ sessions for you to tackle
• Some ‘words to the wise’ from the authors, two seasoned professional guitarists with many years of experience over a wide range of musical genres.